Summer 2014 : "C++ programming lang."

Syllabus: Syllabus (pdf).

Books, hours, rooms, weekly schedule, and much more information, is all in the Syllabus.

Below are various weekly materials: Assignemnts, handouts, etc.

Reference materials


There are many resources on the web as you can see above. We will NOT follow a specific book for the course. If you do like a more organized view, as afforded by a book, here are some plausible options. I suggest for you to try and borrow (from library or myself) any of these before buying.
(I did NOT include books that devote time to specific frameworks, like MFC or STL, as we will not cover these in the course.)

Course slides, notes, and homework

Final Project

In conclusion:

We covered the material in the syllabus, albeit in different order at places. Specifically, i want to summarize as below.

Things we covered:

Things we did NOT cover:

We mentioned some of these, but not much more.



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